Launching your own satellite — the pros and cons, November 11, 2009 Developing nations are building their own satellites despite freely available Western data. Do the gains outweigh the costs, asks Tatum Anderson. India's aim to launch two more satellites in the next three years has highlighted the trend for developing countries to add their own presence to the West's already extensive space … Continue reading Launching your own satellite — the pros and cons

Rural medics to get mobile advice ‘hotline’ April 7, 2009 A pilot initiative to provide rural community health workers, nurses and doctors with advice on diagnosis and treatment via mobile phones is to launch in Ghana later this year. Read more>> The project will enable rural health workers to call specially-trained doctors at a call centre, providing the daily support that … Continue reading Rural medics to get mobile advice ‘hotline’

Tata’s wireless broadband strategy

   January 9, 2009   The strategy of Indian wireless broadband provider Tata Communications during 2009, rests to a large extent on the outcome of the Indian auctions, which are expected to take place imminently.     The company, the primary telecommunications vehicle of the giant Indian Tata Group, wants to buy WiMAX licences in … Continue reading Tata’s wireless broadband strategy